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How important is CPR recertification?

CPR recertification is vital as you would be surprised at how quickly you can forget how to do CPR even if you have recently passed via online CPR certification. The usual suggestion is that you should recertify every two years. Some people may think that the American Red Cross is trying to raise money by requiring annual recertification. This is not the case. They may actually save lives as studies have shown that your knowledge of CPR decreases very rapidly if you do not practice your skills.

How soon do your forget your CPR certification training?

The studies showed that it didn’t matter whether you were medically qualified or not. On average most people showed a serious deterioration in their knowledge levels. Approximately half of those tested one year after taking their CPR course failed the basic knowledge tests. The evidence would suggest that the Red Cross is on the right track although it may be a good idea for people to take a CPR refresher course every six months. This would be quite easy to do given the abundance of CPR certification courses available online or at your local school or college. It is nationally accepted that more people need to learn and be able to begin CPR AED in order to increase the chance of anyone surviving a cardiac arrest.

How often should an employer offer CPR recertification training?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggest that all employees should be offered CPR and first aid recertification training at least annually with refresher courses every six months. Obviously if you are employed by the emergency services you may want to consider doing refresher courses more often. The level of CPR training needed by an emergency services worker is a lot higher than that required by a lay person.

Do I have to attend a CPR class?

You do not have to attend a complete CPR class to keep your knowledge up to date and useful. Periodic review of course materials including Infant CPR videos, practice sessions on a dummy and even CPR guidelines posted around the office all help to reinforce your training. There are plenty of online CPR AED courses available and once they are sanctioned by the Red Cross or American Heart Association you know they are worth the money.

A CPR recertification course will keep you up to date on changing guidelines

In addition to people forgetting how to do CPR, the guidelines sometimes change. Medical science is evolving all the time as is the Legal position. Some people will not attempt to help at the scene of an emergency as they are worried about being sued. While it is true that you can injure a casualty when performing CPR, the likelihood is that the person is going to die if you don’t do anything. They have a chance if you can perform cardiac pulmonary resuscitation properly and an even better one if you are training in the use of an AED and have access to a defibrillator when the emergency occurs.

The Good Samaritan Act has given some people more confidence to help in the event of witnessing an emergency. But statistics still show that less than a third of victims of cardiac arrest will receive help from anyone other than the emergency services. You can help change these figures by carrying a wallet card showing you have completed your CPR certification. Don’t let a child or infant die because you couldn’t be bothered to learn basic adult/child/infant CPR.

Where should you obtain your CPR and first aid certification?

Of course if you attend CPR classes the risk of you injuring a casualty lessens as hopefully you will know what you are doing. Be careful where you obtain your qualifications. Almost anyone can claim to be a CPR instructor but unless they are accredited by the American Red Cross, The American Heart Association or the National Safety Council you may want to pass on the class. You can contact your nearest medical center to ask where the local CPR recertification classes are held. They should be able to help you. Most courses come with a money back guarantee. Check to see that they train you in the use of an automated external defibrillator as the victims chances of survival increase dramatically if you combine CPR with an AED.

Remember the more you practice the more you will retain your skills. Your confidence will increase with every CPR recertification training you undergo. Your knowledge levels will also improve and you will be at the forefront of any developments in the manner or application of your CPR knowledge. With less than 10% of people who suffer a cardiac arrest outside a hospital surviving, don’t you think it is worth attaining and retaining your potentially life saving qualifications?

22 Responses to “CPR Recertification”

  1. Sarah S says:

    I’ve got a recertification test coming up and I’m a bit nervous about it… will we get to know what’s in the test before we take it? It’s about two hours long and I’m getting very anxious because I don’t know what the test will be like.

    • Admin says:

      Hey Sarah. It’s natural to be nervous before any test, so don’t worry about that bit. These kinds of test are only designed to find out how much you remember and understand about CPR.. they don’t have any trick questions. If you get stuck on any questions leave them until later. Quite often you’ll find questions are answered by other questions later on in the test. Good luck and let us know how you did!

  2. Emily says:

    I have to get recertified in a couple of days and i didn’t take a refresher coarse, but i do have a book that i have been studying from, but i’m wondering if there is a practice test somewhere that i can take to test my knowledge. I shouldn’t be scared, but i recently took the hardest test of my life and i’m a little gun shy. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks!


  3. Robert says:

    My CPR card expired 6 months ago, can I still take a CPR recert class or do I have to start over and take the whole certification class again

    • Admin says:

      Hi Robert

      It depends on where you live i.e. all states don’t follow the exact same rules. I dont know who you originally certified with, whether it was the Red Cross or the American Heart Association but give either of these organizations a call and they will get you sorted out.

      Good luck and well done for getting CPR certified in the first place. We need far more people to do the same :-)

  4. Curious says:

    My CPR training was done two years ago, do I have to take it again or can I take a refresher course?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Curious

      It depends on who you trained with. If it was the Red Cross your certificate expired a year ago and you will probably have to retrain. If it was the AHA , you may just need a refresher course. Try calling whomever it was you trained with to find out how to keep your certification valid.

      Good luck

  5. Bo says:

    I had my cpr certification about four years ago. They gave me a card and everything–it was an official class. I’ve long since lost that card and have no idea if I have a ID number or whatever. Can I get recertified without any type of information?

    • Bo says:

      I live in CT and believe it was done with the red cross.

      • Admin says:

        Hi Bo

        Thanks for your comments. If it was the Red Cross or the American Heart Association your certification would have run out by now anyway. The Red Cross was only valid for one year (they now offer two year certification) and the AHA is two years. The best thing you can do is contact the local branch of the Red Cross and give them your details i.e. name and address and they should be able to trace your records. I don’t work for the Red Cross but I believe you will have to sit the certification exam again. It may be worth doing some revision before hand to make sure you pass. It is amazing what we forget.

        Please let us know if we can be of any more help

        Good Luck


        • Bo says:

          Thankyou for your response. What about going a different route? What is the easiest way to get certified? Are these online courses for real?

          • Admin says:

            Hi Bo

            Sorry for the delay in coming back to you, I have young kids so was busy with them. We, at CPRcertificationguide.com only recommend either the Red Cross or the American Heart Association course simply because we believe them to be the best. You can do part of your AHA training online but they then require you to do a skills course and skills assessment to complete your certification. We believe in this route as you dont want to be practicing your skills for the first time in an emergency situation. If you are getting certified for your job, your employer may have a preference who you use so it is worth checking into that. It wont take any time at all to get certified. You can find out more on either the Red Cross or AHA website. http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/CPRAndECC/WorkplaceTraining/HeartsaverCourses/Heartsaver-CPR-AED-Online-Part-1_UCM_303283_Article.jsp that will give you more idea about whether the course is what you are looking for.

            Good luck


  6. luna says:

    I had my certification (CPR and AED) for the second time in May 2010 and it will be due in May 2012, but I changed my work and now they want me to take the course as my current certification is not valid anymore. Do I have to repeat it or renew it in the due date?

    • Admin says:


      I am not quite sure I completely understand your question. If your employer wants you to do a different certification it would be wise to do so or you may face problems at work. They may prefer the Red Cross or American Heart Association certification process – most do. You say your current certification is not valid anymore yet it is not out of date so that suggests that your employer doesn’t recognize the provider of the course. When you take the new certification you can keep to the schedule of the new qualification i.e. recertify in the timescales set down based on the new qualification and forget the old one. That is what I would do anyway assuming the new certification is from the Red Cross or the AHA.

  7. luna says:

    I am a nurse and I changed my work from a hospital to another one, but they want me to take the course ignoring my current licence. I have the certification from the american heart association in our country.

    • Admin says:

      I have no idea why your employers don’t accept the AHA license you currently have. They may want you to study the latest guidelines which you may not have learned when you took your last certification course. There is no requirement for those that have a valid certification to study the new guidelines until their existing qualification runs out but your employer has their own rules so guess there is nothing you can do.

      It is no harm having to restudy as it is amazing how much everyone forgets :-)

      Good luck.

  8. luna says:

    Thank you for your response. I just wanted to make sure that my certification still valid.. I dont have any problem to restudy the course according to their rules. Thank you again :)

  9. Eager says:

    My american red cross cpr cert expired 2 weeks ago but was only good for a yr. should I go get recertified or take a refresher? Is there a place that I can do it online and it still be as valuable or legit?

    • Admin says:

      Firstly Eager – I am so sorry about the delay in coming back to you. I missed your comment completely. The American Red Cross have recently changed their policy and all new cards will be valid for two year. Personally I would prefer to get recertified as you then know you are covered for the next two years. If you dont need the certification for work you could take the Heartsaverâ„¢ course from the American Heart Association online. They require you to attend a skills session though if you want the certificate which is also valid for two years. We don’t recommend any other providers.

      Good luck and apologies once again


  10. Cynthia says:

    Hi, I took received a 2-year certification course at my local community college by The American Red Cross in 2008. Because of the economic times, I have had to take up babysitting once more. Would I still be able to put that certification on my flyer? Or would I have to retake the class first?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Cynthia

      I am a little confused about the certification you took because I was under the impression that the Red Cross only gave certification for a one year period until they changed their policy earlier this year. Red Cross CPR certification is now valid for two years. Regardless, your certification has now expired so I would suggest you take a recertification class before you put anything on the flyers. Depending on the type of babysitting you are going to do and your local State regulations, you may be able to take the online American Heart Association option which might be quicker than attending a class. It is probably best to have a word with your local American Red Cross and AHA centers to see which offers the quickest and cost effective method for taking your CPR certification again.

      Best of luck


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